What Are Those Organ-Shaped Blobs That Wash Up on the Beach?

These are the moon jelly’s gonads, where it produces eggs or sperm. When you find a dead moon jelly on the beach, you may see a blob that is 25-40 cm (10-16 in.) wide, and includes the four horseshoe shaped gonads. That would represent a fairly intact adult moon jelly.

Now, imagine areas of the ocean where a thick blob is suspended in the water. effort by National Guard troops to try to block up some of the holes in this island so that the oil doesn’t get through.

What are the clear gelatin-like blobs that washed up on the beach in Ocean City, MD? They didn’t have tentacles, and a lot of people were picking them up. They almost looked like chunks of ice but they were kind of squishy.

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These jelly-like blobs, seen along beaches on the East Coast of the United States , look quite like jellyfish. However, they're not. They are salps, and the.

Six years ago, imperial beach added 300,000 cubic yards of large-grain sand across four miles of beachfront. But the practice has many critics: Waves, tides and currents can wash the. to identify.

Of all of the weird blobs to have washed up on shore in this list, this one is definitely the largest, clocking in at 14 tons and 39 feet across! AnimalMozo This blob, which was found on the shores of Los Muermos, Chile, baffled scientists as to what it was.

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A Weird Sex Life. The chains in some species can get up to 50 feet (15 meters) long. Sometimes, Madin says, the salp chain comes out in shapes; one species creates a wheel of salps, while another species organizes its chains into a double helix.

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Ryan Rustan took this photo of tiny balls he found on the sand in Huntington Beach. He wondered if they were eggs or jellyfish. Thousands of jelly-like sea creatures washed up on the shores of Huntington Beach in Southern California, making beach-goers curious about what exactly the odd things are.

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Experts from Marine Mammals of Maine said the carcass was that of some species of shark and not a whale, as some beach-goers had speculated. "Some blob of something had washed up on the shore. take.

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