USPS Workers Caught Throwing Packages Over Home’s Fence

USPS worker delivers my box by throwing over a 12 foot fence. Had that package contained anything fragile, there would’ve been a claim but luckily it was a GoPro camera that is built to take a.

The FedEx delivery guy who lobbed a computer monitor over a customer’s fence has been disciplined. have had similar issues with package home delivery services. This isn’t the first time a careless.

A security camera caught this USPS worker throwing a package over a Florida City home’s fence. The homeowner said the contents in one of the boxes were broken. andres gonzalez ordered some things off Amazon, and they were delivered to his Florida City home by two different postal workers on the same day.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A U.S. postal worker was caught on camera after literally throwing a package on the front porch of a Lansing home. Vince Vincent has lived in his home that’s just south of.

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(AP) – A former U.S. Postal Service worker from Massachusetts has. Surveillance cameras caught Fors, a mail processing clerk at a Worcester post office, pilfering packages of stamps meant for.

For the second straight day, the same delivery woman for the online giant was caught on video recklessly throwing packages towards a customer’s home. Over the weekend, the woman was seen hurling.

A man was furious when video shot at his Florida City home showed two postal worker throwing packages addressed to him over the fence,

Postal Workers Caught Throwing Packages Over Fence at florida home june 13, 2019 postal , , throwing stuff Surveillance video captured United States Postal service workers hurling packages over a Florida man’s fence, breaking the contents inside one of the boxes.

Some people employed to deliver packages to our homes really. UPS guy was caught stealing an iPad mini delivered earlier that day by FedEx. Then we also have the case of the FedEx guy breaking a.

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A local mail carrier caught on camera tossing packages in a driveway –. to its customers and postal employees take great pride in their work.

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