Tiny houses grow in popularity, yet drawbacks abound

Tiny homes are set to go through a growth spurt. Because the demand for living small is getting bigger.. "You see these amazing tiny houses in magazines and on television programs, but you can't really buy them," says.

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We the Tiny house people: small homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters is a film by Kirsten Dirksen, produced in 2012, that spans far more than what you might think of when imaging tiny houses. If your idea of a tiny house is a Tumbleweed or Four Lights model, this documentary will open your eyes to the immense possibilities inherent with living small.

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Disadvantages. Despite its economic and environmental advantages, living in a tiny house is not without its drawbacks. Since space is limited, it can be difficult for more than one person to live in a tiny home. While some couples are able to do it, many individuals don’t want to share a house the size of a small studio apartment.

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Tiny Houses and Apartments Gaining Popularity Amongst Younger Generations calaber24p ( 74 ) in life 2 years ago The American dream for the most part is dead for generations now just graduating from college or university.

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