Second Life Hires Second Life’s Top Influencer to Help Promote Second Life

See what first life companies are taking part of Second Life.

Remember that linden lab job posting for a Second Life content marketer? To no one's surprise, that job went to Strawberry Singh, who over.

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Second Life Hires Second Life's Top Influencer to Help Promote Second Life. Strawberry Singh SL Linden Lab. Remember that Linden Lab job.

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Second Life’s controls can be a little intimidating for new users. Its interface includes several menus, buttons and keyboard shortcuts. Many users find the learning curve too steep and quickly give up — only about 10 percent of all users who make accounts ever bother to return after their first visit [source: New Scientist].

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Second Life Hires Second Life’s Top Influencer to Help Promote Second Life Remember that Linden lab job posting for a Second Life content marketer? To no one’s surprise, that job went to Strawberry Singh , who over the years, has created a network of social media influence around her Second Life content that is almost as large as key official.

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