Obama says years of GOP hostility toward him led to Trump phenomenon

The Trump phenomenon was regarded as the elevation to the highest office of a. The election of the first african american president Barack Hussein Obama was. hostility toward claims of racial injustice”.28 Reality belies Trump's rhetoric:. with the year before, though half of them or fewer said such was not the case in.

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Obama is to blame for ‘hostility’ toward police, Kansas GOP pol says after fatal shooting of Kansas City cop. Melton’s death comes just after two targeted attacks led to the deaths of five.

When Republicans and conservatives. a problem that has festered for decades. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, hostility toward even legal immigration, and use of executive authority, for which he.

Iraq/Afghanistan/ISIS. By 2011, Republicans were so enamored with Clinton’s support for their policies that Dick Cheney even suggested publicly that she run against Obama in 2012. The irony is that as secretary of state, Clinton was generally well to Obama’s left, according to Vali Nasr’s book The Dispensable Nation.

APRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump signs autographs during a campaign rally in Fayetteville, N.C., Wednesday, March 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

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6 Things President Trump Criticized Barack Obama For and Is Currently Doing Himself. In other tweets that year, Trump took aim at the. __Like Obama and many presidents before him, Trump took.

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Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, going so far as to say that even if the rape allegations. We find that Trump's supporters voted for him mainly because they share. It's true, as exit polls showed, that voters without four-year college. Their partisanship, whether positive (toward Trump and the Republicans) or negative.

A brief, 90-year history of Republicans calling Democrats ‘socialists’ This isn’t a new phenomenon.

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama blames years of knee-jerk GOP hostility toward him for fueling Donald Trump’s rise, arguing Thursday that Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. Trump’s.

The Kentucky Republican had already led the Senate in confirming more circuit court judges in the first year of Donald Trump. says, “It’s something that’s viewed across the Republican and.

Obama’s public scolding of Trump, who for years peddled inaccurate claims about Obama’s birth certificate, dates back to 2011, when Obama roasted him on national media, at the glitzy White.

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