How To Keep Out Pests This Winter

Winter is a good time to check indoor plants for sap-sucking insects like. consider throwing out heavily infested plants. Discard soil and clean the pot or container as well. If you feel you have.

But the good news is that warding off winter pests this year doesn’t have to be difficult. By reading this article, you have taken the first step to educate yourself which is great! Lets take a moment to learn some of the top places where bugs like to hang out in the winter, and explore various practical steps to shut them down to ensure the.

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Keeping winter pests out of your home requires some preventive measures before the worst of winter weather.

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To keep these bugs, and other pests, out of your home this winter and stay ahead of the "fall crawl": Step 1: Seal Your Home Against Insects As temperatures drop, food, water, and shelter become more difficult for insects to find outdoors, which can cause them to invade your house looking for these disappearing resources they need to survive.

To make sure that these pests are feasting off of edibles in your garden you have to. tomato hornworms are like something out of a horror flick: big, green, and mulch soil with several feet of leaves to keep worms active longer into winter,

If you like to go RVing with your pets there are a few things you might need to know before you hit the road with them. Also, you might want to consider a few things to keep your RV pest-free, especially before or after you store your RV for the winter.

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Every winter stink bugs infiltrate homes across the United States and two new studies published in the Journal of Economic Entomology by Virginia Tech researchers may shed some light on ways to keep the pests away.. In short, seal holes and gaps larger than 3-to-7 millimeters and remove any long-dead stink bugs, which may further attract other stink bugs.

Although it may seem obvious to keep your doors and windows closed during the winter, it’s especially important for keeping pests out. After all, the best way for insects to enter your home is through a small gap in your window. Some pests are even known for biting through window screens during the fall and winter.

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