Black writer promotes diversity in the comic book industry

top 25 black comic book writers #10-1. marc bernardin has been working as a writer and an editor for comics, television and the magazine industry for decades now (he was an editor for Entertainment Weekly and Playboy and is currently editing for Hollywood Reporter, to name three). Working with his writing partner, Adam Freeman,

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Killmonger is a revolutionary, and he promotes a by-any-means. and written about black characters in comics over the years; I’m deeply invested in comic book fandom, but the comic book industry.

Not lost to McFarlane is the fact that he created and owns the rights to one of the most popular superheroes of color in the comic-book industry – a fact that at times isn’t as celebrated as the most.

Having seen its sales slump since October, the publisher convened a meeting. Last year the company hired bestselling African-American author. over at DC Comics, Marvel's main rival, which aimed to promote diversity.

Diversity in comic books began all the way back in the 1940s with one visionary artist. That title belongs, collectively, to characters invented by black writer orrin evans for his All-Negro Comics, created almost two decades before the Black Panther, in 1947. Back in the 1940s, there were no black superheroes.

By the early 2010s, many comic book readers felt like the “comics aren’t for women” myth had reached a breaking point. The year before that 2013 “Women of Marvel” Comic Con panel, in 2012, writer.

It seems like every day I read something, somewhere, about the lack of diversity in comics (not to mention various other pop culture mediums). Sometimes these pieces focus on gender, other times on people of color, and sometimes both. At the recent Image Expo, sixteen comic creators took the stage, with only two being women,

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Every week, it seems, one or other of the comic-book empires announces a new, diversity. changing an industry whose white male dominance is even more pronounced off the screen than on it. It is.

If Kickstarter campaigns are any indicator, comic book fans are very excited to read Bingo Love, a forthcoming 80-page graphic novel about a star-crossed romance between two older black women. to.

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